We need to TURN up the HEAT by Monday, April 27! #

For the last four sessions, we have worked hard to achieve an MOU to address COVID-19’s horren­dous impacts on Overlake’s nurses. Our proposal includes: 

  • Hazard pay
  • Extra shift incen­tives and admin­is­tra­tive pay for nurses the Employer prohib­ited from working due to exposure at work 
  • PTO protec­tion
  • Better access to testing 
  • Reason­able accom­mo­da­tion with benefits to those at high risk.

We need your help to fight for this memorandum of under­standing (MOU). April 27 is our last sched­uled session and could be our last chance to secure this MOU.

Here is what you can do to help:

Sign the petition in support of our MOU and share it with friends and family.

ADO Forms: We need hundreds of forms submitted for this to make an impact. You can submit a form at wsna​.org/ado.

Submit ADOs for: Staffing issues, Inade­quate PPE, Workplace safety issues, Missed breaks, Unsafe assign­ments, Viola­tions of the staffing plan, etc.

  • These can be completed days or weeks after the fact. 
  • There is no retal­i­a­tion for submit­ting this form. 
  • For staffing issues, inade­quate PPE, workplace safety issues, missed breaks, unsafe assign­ments, viola­tions of the staffing plan, etc. 

Take WSNA healthy workplace survey, if you haven’t already.

For questions about the petition please contact your WSNA organizer Zach Seikel at zseikel@wsna.org.