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No deal! #

On Thursday, May 7, we met with Overlake for one final attempt to get come to agree­ment on a memorandum of under­standing (MOU) for coron­avirus provi­sions including paid admin­is­tra­tive leave and hazard pay. We have been fighting for these provi­sions and more for more than six weeks

These have been the toughest bargaining condi­tions anyone could imagine. We have spoken to them from the heart; we created and shared a compelling presen­ta­tion with pictures and your words from ADOs that you submitted; we shared a petition in support of hazard pay for Overlake employees with more than 3,150 signa­tures. What did we get for our efforts? A proposal that we are unable to agree to.

  • Overlake demands that any MOU we sign is not subject to arbitra­tion, which is our right under the griev­ance proce­dure in our contract. This means that the nurses and WSNA have no way to enforce the terms of the MOU. In other words, it is not worth the paper it’s written on.
  • Overlake is not willing to pay one thin dime of hazard pay. Not today. Not ever.
  • Our nursing leader­ship did not care to read a powerful, compelling document created from your words when you answered the question, What is the one thing you most want to tell Overlake manage­ment about your work experi­ence during coron­avirus?” We promised your names would be kept confi­den­tial. Overlake would not agree to our request that they not demand any names associ­ated with your comments before reading them. In good faith, we could not share your comments without guaran­teed anonymity. That’s right, they did not care to read your comments of your work experi­ence enough to simply agree to not try to track you down later for what you said.

So what’s next? Well, for starters, union-provided masks are coming our way! Next week WSNA plans to hand out tens of thousands of surgical masks to Overlake workers. We do not yet have the date set, so stay tuned for more infor­ma­tion. Overlake may not be in a position to provide you with a clean mask, but our union has our backs!

In eight short months, we will be back to the bargaining table to fight for a new three-year contract. Let’s make our union stronger than ever and get the best contract we have ever had. How do we do that? We start by building our member­ship, and our activism. There is no better time to join WSNA than right now during Nurses Week. Check the WSNA bulletin board on your unit for more infor­ma­tion about Nurses Week gifts.

In solidarity,
Chris Birchem, East 3; Gemma Aranda, PACU; Brooke Dodd, South 4; Janet Moore-Lane, IPS; Pauline Whitney-Hille, IPS; Kathryn Geren, PACU; Cherise Horn, South 4; Sharon Sim, South 4; Magdalyn Chu, Emergency; Brenda Elliott, L&D; Jesse Huang-Refuerzo, West 4