Watch your mailbox for the Dec. 2019 newsletter #

Some highlights of the newsletter include:

  • Meet the 2020 WSNA negoti­a­tion team — In January your RN colleagues will begin the impor­tant process of negoti­ating the Collec­tive Bargaining Agree­ment (CBA) between the WSNA nurses and Overlake Hospital Medical Center. We intro­duce you to several members of the bargaining team.
  • WSNA OVerlake RN Private Facebook group — we give you infor­ma­tion on it and how to join.
  • Who do I contact? — a list of common concerns and how to find the answers to them.
  • Your questions from the contract bargaining survey answered — a list of questions that came up and the answers to them.
  • Benefit for WSNA member leaders - learn about the Leader­ship Confer­ence in Chelan, WA, March 29 – 31, 2020.
  • Online Staffing Complain form - learn how to use it.
  • Overlake RNS and the new Washington Paid Family and Medical Leave — get the scoop.
  • Discounts and Benefits for union members — read about benefits offered directly through your WSNA membership.

Don’t want to wait for the mail? Read the newsletter online.

Questions or concerns? Contact WSNA Nurse Repre­sen­ta­tive Sydne James at